Dec. 24, 2002

a christmas entry

i haven't really pre-written anything as my entry for Christmas eve. meaning, nothing really mushy like chestnuts roasting on an open fire or marshmallows melting on sticks with hotdogs, nothing like that, really, haven't had time to write much, what with the whole family being around here, and me spending the first few days of Christmas vacation sick like hell...

ah, the filipino Christmas, always something to watch out for.

on TV, every imaginable telenovela has a Christmas montage to various Christmas carols (this one has that song which goes Oooh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, oooh tidings of comfort and joy... -- dunno the title, though.).

on Radio... well, has anybody else heard that Asereje Christmas Remix, or am i really alone in my trauma and grief?! (my god, the horror of jingling bells in the background...)

and later, i shall attend a midnight mass... in our village basketball court. bring your own chairs, according to our parish priest. yep, only in the Philippines.

and the christmas lights transform ordinary houses into cabarets overnight, and the children now ask for more in their carolling sessions, and the people are now extra nice, except for the occasional grumpy ones who are probably just upset they received less gifts this year (or maybe, none at all)... and there's lots of food in the ref, lots more in the kitchen, and i know tonight, i shall sleep a very very full young lady... *yum*.

and everybody's in the house, all my cousins wreaking havoc and my aunts not caring just this once, and my dad's up there in the terrace, fixing the lights just a bit... and i'm here, i'm typing, and i'm babbling.

i've texted everybody, and some people had already sent their greetings, whereas some probably are on their way, stuck in some invisible traffic of millions and millions of text messages needing to be sent all over the country... the lag, just this once, kind of gives me butterflies in the stomach. usually, people greet you (and at times, your family too) with heartfelt merry christmases, whereas some just never quit with the jokes, some never quit with the mush, and still some... well, they give you things to think about instead, like half-meant i love you's you never really know what to make of...

and i'm still here, i'm still babbling, when i should be out there, eating, or at least getting dressed for mass.

anyway. i wanted to say this first, but yeah, looks like it goes last now.

happy christmas.