Jan. 24, 2003

situation update

And when you want something,
all the universe conspires
in helping you to achieve it. - "The Alchemist", Paolo Coehlo."

no shit! i'm still alive!

well, so far, so fuckin good, holdin' up, quite well, or maybe not really that so well, but well enough, to be walking and functioning and sane enough to go over twenty fucking chapters for a midterm exam this monday! aaaaaggghhhh god help me!

of boys and men: ditch. ditch. ditch. fuckin liars, ditch. or maybe swing a fist or two and seriously wound something, somewhere.

can't wait for: the new buffy ep this monday! boo-ya!

reading: chapter 20 of e.m. griffin's "a first look at communication" (2nd edition)... it's about... um, the elaboration likelihood model. dammit. and then, i'd start from chapter one again, and do a fuckin outline. sadist.

worrying about: my journ102 report on the Senate. the Senate organizational chart. the Senate budget. the Senate legislative process, and the fuckin bicameral committee report, Christ. and yeah, my comm140 midterm on monday.

looking forward to: my brother's field demo tomorrow. *dances around in glee*

shock of the week: ice's article in the Philippine Collegian with my embarrassing anecdote in the beginning.

shock of the week 2: hey, DAGMAR did it! (omg, you could be a priest!) LOL...


speaking of you, mick -- i'm trying to read the last of ElabEcc, promise, once i get the midterm and the Senate out of the way, okay? promise. however, i did read the author's note, and i must say, you mentioning me there made me blush. oh yes.

as of the moment... well. life goes on. the weeks go by ever so slowly, and it's fuckin less 20 degrees, and i'm so craving for a cigarette right here right now so...

so i'll go and fix myself a cup of coffee and read Griffin til 7am tomorrow morning. and then off i go to my bro's demo. =)

god it's good to be alive.