January 26, 2003 / 9:35pm

Iím taking a breather from my review marathon for my comm140 midterms tomorrow. Again, I am happy/sad/ frightened like freakiní hell to say that I have officially entered this suicidal phase of my semester. Thereís always one, as my four-semester stay in this university has proved, so far. And yes, I am deathly scared of this phase. Oh yes, I really am.

And it usually starts with a twenty-chapter midterm, unfortunately. This sucks, to say the least of the understatements in my head. Itís not really difficult per se. itís just mighty tedious, thatís all. imagine, having to re-read twenty fuckin chapters. See the picture.

So yes. Suicidal phase. The last time I entered this suicidal phase last sem, around edge of AugustÖ hmmm letís seeÖ I thought of shifting (well, I do, at least once every semester, so itís normal, really), I thought of dropping my majors, I thought of cutting myself (which I did, but did not enjoy) and I thought of drinking caladryl (which I did, but did not enjoy either)Ö caladrylís like, an ointment of some sort. And it didnít taste good.

I wonder what Iíd be doing this time around.