Jan. 27, 2003

of comm140 midterms and other reasons to turn suicidal

i could not fucking believe this.

the comm140 midterm was... was everything my nightmares were made of! my goodness. you don't usually see a 60-item matching type test, do you!? DO YOU?!?!?!

60 items with 70 choices. and you have to match this term with its paragraph-long meaning... shit. i hate communication theories. i've never hated them this much in my entire life. and i wish never to set my eyes on any communication theory EVER. again.

well as if that wasn't bad enough, (in fairness, our kindhearted professor cancelled his right-minus-wrong rule just this once...) i heard that his final exams are usually even worse -- 80 items, 110 choices.

maria save me!

i have to sleep. i have to sleep. i have to sleeeeeeee..p.