January 28, 2003 / 10:51pm

Well, I should say something about that comm140 exam.

I should say that I abhorred it. Every. Last. Fuckin. Matching fucking type bit of it. all of it.

That’s all I could say about that.

On other news, at last, that BC100 report is finally off my head. in fact, last night, I didn’t sleep in my boarding house. Actually, our shooting over at edz’ flat in UP Bliss kinda went well into the morning… like 3am. So there. Three fuckin days straight without decent sleep, good luck to me and my eyebags…

There’s something about the utter independence of living out here in Diliman… that keeps me hanging on, you know? sure there’s always the landlady who’d nag… but still, I could always sleep over at somebody else’s house to avoid the sermon, right? Imagine, that was totally out of the plan, the sleep over… but then, 9 turned to ten, and ten turned into eleven… and eleven eventually became two in the morning. God, I even found myself walking through Philcoa stark fuckin midnight in search for cigarettes. Sheesh. Philcoa without the jeeps. Now how cool and rare is that?!

And so I woke up at 7:10 am this morning, in somebody else’s house – and to think I had an 8:30 class… which I miraculously didn’t blow off. Me and my masochistic tendencies. I’d never taken a bath that fast in my entire life, and not to mention the water was fuckin freezing.

Oh, and did I mention my groupmate edz actually managed to force me into an off-shoulder blouse? Freakin’ hell, with the matching make-up too. Wonders. The things you do when you’ve had more than a pack of cigarettes in a single night. To make things a little more blackmail-worthy – videocams and cameras. Now I really have a thousand and one reasons to be kinder to her, heh. Ah the things you do for a report you have to present a few hours after.

For the record, we recorded everything – editing nonexistent, of course – from 9pm to 2am… for a reporting scheduled 1pm that afternoon. Shit. Cram people, anyone?

This one definitely goes to the Things-I’m-proud-I-did-in-College List…