January 30, 2003 / 6:01am

For somebody who was supposed to wake up at 10:30 last night… grrr.

Yesterday: overload with julie, teejay and mamu. Musicbox until past 8 – the canteen personnel themselves had to force us out of the place, for crying out loud. Heh.

coined new terms –

phone sex, which refers to the activity of putting two cellphones on silent-vibrate mode on top of each other and calling them with two other cellphones and watching them with malicious intent as they vibrate and grind onto each other suggestively… and our findings proved that 1) Julie’s phone has a bult-in vibrator so powerful I’d describe it as “animalistic” and 2) my stone-aged 3210 is… well, really stone-aged, it has already suffered from impotency of some sort.

the other one’s footsie, which basically involves my wiggling toes against Julie’s boobs. *rofl…*

** oy there, i posted it! =)