January 31, 2003 / 12:12am

Well. Journ102 midterms, here I come. With random memories from supposed efforts of reviewing Court terms and procedures, as well as organizational charts, and even more cluttered memories from random browsings of DILG handouts and QC hall Offices and haphazardly-turned pages of January editions of the Inquirer. God help me.

Though its kinda good to know that I actually passed that comm140 exam you know the feeling when you actually start from the bottom of the list, only to find your student number just a notch below the number one spot? Yes, the feelings goddamned good, to think Id missed some serious sleeping time re-reading twenty chapters, right? Right. And yes, its a happy thought. Among other things.

Oh yes. Other things. She did break-up with her pseudo-boyfriend, you know? that damned guy didnt want commitment, well, fuck him. Im not about to take that back. Fuck men who hurt women, in ways other than physical, of course. on some eerie note, we *are* on the same plane, you know? shes hurting over him, Im hurting over somebody else, and for some goddamned reason, I find that somewhat relieving. Our common ground. Not that Im all too happy about it Im not, on some aspect. Im just quite relieved shed cut it off before he could hurt her more.

Before she actually fell in love with him which definitely would have made matters worse. And more fuckin painful. I so didnt want that.

See her hurting.

Will be watching Destino tomorrow. Walk-in movie, Only You Robert Downey Jr flick, I was told. So be it.