February 08, 2003 / 12:20pm

Stephen Speaks

Just got home from the Stephen Speaks gimmick last night. Wasn’t able to get myself a taxi, promised a friend I would sleep over at another friend’s house.

So there. Cainta. An hour away from Katipunan, reached mela’s around half past twelve, I guess, ate midnight meal of oreo, pancit canton, mayo, bread and coffee until half past one, went to sleep around three am.

Woke up the next day around half past eight. Five hours of sleep, not bad. Heh, took home pink floral underwear. Hmmm. (gee really, thanks, mela, one of these days, really, I’m going to send you one of my bright orange ones, in exchange. Haha.)

Oh and have I mentioned I actually wore this… uh, white frilly (sorry, is there actually another better term for this?) sleeveless blouse my roommate lent me – for the lack of anything else to wear. Christ. Hmmm not bad actually, considering that was the Ateneo anyway… with lots of… gorgeous guys. And girls, actually. The rate of a beautiful person passing right in front of you and giving you the occasional once over (thank god for cigarettes) every two seconds is alarmingly high.

So. Stephen Speaks. Just a couple of things.

Passenger Seat. Out of my League. (now, these are expected ones already…)

And a few more – what’ll she look like, complete, the leaving song, and… what’s the other one again? All these things. Yeah. Shit. Felt my knees turning jelly, literally. Meshy.

So anyway. It was a nice concert. The line was uber-long, but it was so worth it. And, yeah, the drummer was cute. Dain? Dane? Dean? Something to that effect.

And I was like, holding this microcassette recorder in one hand, my cigarette in the other, as I tried to record their live version of Passenger Seat… though really, the recording was rather *destroyed* by no one else but me… clearly singing in the background. Hell yeah. Cute actually. (Though I believe somebody else would strongly disagree to this… heh.)

There’s this girl in front of us, while Passenger Seat was playing, she was holding up her cellphone… and I was like, awww that’s so sweet, she actually called this other person… *sniff*

Couples. Every. Goddamned. Where. Well, there again, the pathetic feeling… blah. But I seem to get it all the time now, I’m getting pretty much used to it already.

Seeing people again. This was absolutely the best part. As in absolutely.

Another thing. Me sleeping in different houses. It’s like… not that I barely go home as in go back to the boarding house at night, but… yeah, I guess it just somehow disturbs me, how easily I could just say yes to an unplanned sleepover… (though the lack of plans *did* give me this new pink floral underwear… hmm…) or maybe this is just me, obsessing too much about my newfound spontaneity. Perhaps.