Feb. 24, 2003

situation update

i feel like i should blog... if only to announce i'm still alive...

currently looking forward to: "Dead Things" - new Buffy ep tonight! (oh yes! we're one season behind!)

on my mind..: hmmm lemme see... i still have to call the MMDA for my QC Hall story... then i'll drop by the House of Reps after lunch for my House story... then i have to set an appointment for Marides Fernando, mayor of Marikina, for that personality profile i'm dying to do about her... oh yes, life is beautifuuuul...

worst thing about the past week: well, i got a horrendous 10 out of 25 in that comm140 quiz. three whole fucking nights slaving over thirteen fucking chapters, and then this!? kind of sucks. sometimes.

latest (re)reading: tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom. gah, it's the third time (i guess) i'd read this and i still ended up crying. agh. one of these days, i shall post my news feature about it. (hah. should've known i never would've picked up that book, if it wasn't required in journ eh.)

best thing about the coming week: NO CLASSES TOMORROW!!! yehey!

plans for tuesday: revise court story. finish up QC hall story. revise QC hall story. finish up House story, if ever. and if ever, revise. revise news feature on Morrie. sit back and relax and work on version2.5 of enter the graveyard shift -- it amuses me, how i could still think about my website amidst all this journ mess.

plans for wednesday: marikina for c.v. of Fernando; House of Reps for follow-ups if any (which i would know by this afternoon, when i go there.)

plans for thursday: final calls -- MMDA, House of Reps. finalize articles due Friday.

what exactly is due on friday, anyway? Court Story (done), Press Forum Story (done), QC Hall Story (MMDA side lack), House Story (blank).

weekend: i want to die on saturday and resurrect myself on sunday - if only to finalize my news feature on Morrie due Tuesday.

weirdest thing about me: i just made my blog look a lot like my desk planner.


life is a bitch.