Mar. 21, 2003

situation update

madly happy about: the BC100 stuff getting aligned, or sort of. good feedback from my Journ102 prof. (hey, a page worth of editing marks and a 1.75, not bad... )

worried about: war, basically. deathly scared of the thought of seeing fighter planes dropping bombs or high-rise buildings bursting to flames. or something.

newest addiction: allison mack from smallville *flips out signboard, "Chloe! Chloe!"*

looking forward to: next weekend... just a little more effort, kate. just a little goddamned more...

on my mind... university-wise: BC100 final exam on tuesday. BC100 term paper on tuesday. BC100 monitoring report on tuesday. J102 consultations and rewrites next week. Hum1 final paper on Friday.

next week's perks: no classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. wheeee... but no. i am devoting monday to the damned BC100 paper and wed/thur to that Hum1 paper... hmmm... and yes! Smallville Season Ender on Tuesday! good lord. and hopefully a new Buffy episode... me and my guilty pleasures, tsk.

movies, please: CHICAGOOOOOO.... waaaahhh....


well... all in all, life's been a little better, or sort of. but it's still a bitch, and i'm not taking that back.