Mar. 25, 2003

so far, so good

the past few days were... uhm, nerve-wracking. i know, it's such a mild term, but yeah, sure. now that the BC100 term paper is well out of the way, i'd say i'd relax a bit here...

there. i am so going home this weekend. i am so going home this weekend. though the question really is HOW, since our pickup truck's a bit broken.

well, not really a bit. the whole front's smashed, i heard. collision with owner jeep, or something. good thing they were all okay. god forbid... they were all there. dad. aunt. sis. bro. and bam. it could've been one of those nasty accidents i only get to watch on tv... shudder. good thing it wasn't. god still loves me. *sigh*


war. do i have to say war scares me? isn't that a given?

on the brighter side... got a monumental 1.5 in that dreaded comm140 subject from hell... much to my happiness. but damn, does that teacher curb grades, or what?! i mean, i ranked 5th in class, and i got a 1.5... but then, somebody ranks eighth and she gets 2.25?! what?! *blink*

so. to hell with that. i hope i don't get him next semester. i was almost so sure he was retiring... damn.

hmm... what to write. i'm soooo in an update mood...

buffy rant!

oh yes, buffy. how could i ever forget ranting about buffy... hmm, last night's episode was season 6's As You Were... with RIley returning with a wife. now, i'm not much of a shipper of that particular couple BUT i do agree, it hurts! it hurts! ouch!

and oh, wait, funny exchange. riley was telling buffy he had stories to tell.

buffy: did you die?
riley: no.
buffy: i'm gonna win.

but no. riley didn't die, yeah, but he sure as hell got married, christ. better than getting resurrected, definitely.

and buffy breaking up with spike. which wasn't a break up since they weren't really together in the first place. they were just... uh, sleeping together. that's all.

but then again, a friend told me... whenever you sleep with someone, even if it's just a one-night stand... there's always emotional investment. always, always...

agh, scary, if you'd ask me.

anyway. willow-cuteness abound (let me carry the hate for the both of us... ROFL), but let me just say, i still feel bad amber's not around. =( i feel like i've been tara-deprived since forever.

but yeah, willow-cuteness, good thing, mhhmm... lest i go insane. (but then again, there's always james marsters..)

and the line was... i'm using you. can i say, ouch? one more time?

and i still feel bad about not seeing amber lately. hrmpf.

and onto...


season ender tonight! yebah! =) allison mack rocks my socks! hehehe..


so maybe i should stop now. this is getting slightly out of hand... =)