Apr. 4, 2003

it's... OVER!!!

ohhhhh yessss!!! j102's OVER!!!! yes, you read that right, OVER... as in, O-V-E-R, done, through, yebayebayebayeba!!! =)

and i'm obviously too happy. well, why the fuck not?! *smirk*

so far, i'm really happy about how the personality profile turned out... really now. i remember ranting about that thing i had to write about noynoy aquino... that was like, one of the worst mental blockage in ages, no exaggeration. i mean, jesus, i gathered the data for that monday, but i only got around to writing the thing... uhm, thursday night? and that was because it was due the next day, friday. really. christ. that was like, three full hours staring at a blinking cursor. blank word processors and shit. i shall never forget.

i remember, i even went out of the house for a walk at 930pm. it was so stressful, i just had to smoke. and read the transcript under some lamppost in the corner. jeeeeez. streeeesss to the nth power.

but it was all worth it. my prof said i had a lot of heart. *wiiiiide grin* and that my writing improved towards the end. *dances around in glee like mad* sigh. suckers for appreciation and approval, sorry.

anyway. film106 finals, a breeze. =)