Apr. 11, 2003


i had a haircut this afternoon. as in really goddamned short. just in time for the summer, oh well. i could use a little savings on the shampoo department, really. wash and wear too, don't have to worry about getting it messed up, since it virtually is indestructible. and, oh, headbands. pretty little things, heh. never really thought i would come around to using them. until tonight, that is. i finally am. hmmmm.

so much for trying to maintain the long-haired do. *sigh* it's too goddamned hot, and the ponytail look was boring me sick... so...

so here. i've always thought girls cut their hair when they're depressed... *shrug* i just wanted to have things differently.

one thing i love about having new hair... is that it takes two seconds for me to realize i'm looking at myself in the mirror. heehhe.