Apr. 22, 2003

enlistment rantage

first word off the top of my head - HELL. as in, hell. as in, i never knew hell existed for real until these past few days... past couple of days actually..

narration of events.

monday, april 21, 2003:

8am... went to college for form5a. waited for journ dept to open.

11am... (note the time difference?) all-powerful secretary arrives. journ dept opens at last.
... found out my GWA's still playing around 1.33. and then something about a nomination for a scholarship from some leading broadsheet. am very happy, nearly cartwheeled.
... got my form5a at last. which is basically just half a sheet of photocopied paper to fill up. damn it.

2pm... (time difference is crucial, people.) all-powerful adviser arrives. in britney attire. got my form5a signed by adviser. with a metallic purple pen. talk about scary stuff, really.

4pm... found out i can't enlist since the almighty TRI-COL (meaning, evil people from the colleges of arts and letters, social sciences and philosophy, and college of science... i don't see a "college of mass communication" in that list, anywhere, grrrrr....)

5pm... broke down. wallowed in despair. realized everything else was futile. went home, tried to cry myself to sleep.

7pm... had dinner. remembered Entropy's showing on Buffy. was rejuvenated.

8pm... left everything else. concentrated on watching buffy... got all tingly with the flirting. and the coffee. (see previous buffy rantage...) memorized tara's monologue by heart, as if i still haven't. got all teary.

(sidenote: AND YES... they did cut the kiss... SHORT. which was a relief, actually. the cut was so obvious... i mean, allison krauss' that kind of love was playing in the background, and then, poof. so yeah, i'm estimating, three secs of kissage. and then the credits rolled. oh wait, it wasn't even three secs. i'm guessing around two... so there. willow and tara back together. so what, that's supposed to make me a bit happier for a week??? NOOOOO... they're showing seeing red next week... i don't freaking get it! they should have a replay on! i mean, COME ON! or this is just me, getting a bit scared about... about not seeing amber benson ever ever again... oh just thinking about it makes my head hurt. ouchie.)

9:10pm... went for out for a smoke. the ending killed me, needed a good dose of nicotine.


tuesday, april 22, 2003:

7:45am... fell in line for PolSci 14.

8:30am... (and again, i can't help but point out the time difference...) found out there's only one slot available for that "mini-session". was cursing everybody in my mind. (fuck you all, fuck you all...)

8:45am... rushed to the next building. almost thought i could fly, really. (but then again, maybe i was just walking a bit too fast...) went up four flights of stairs to enlist in psych 101. sections closed for the minisession. realized there were only two people ahead of me. nearly ran out screaming in hysteria. ice bribed me with sweets. reconsidered, went out peacefully, though still cursing in my mind. (fuck you all, fuck you all...)
... went gaga all over the place looking for another elective. set eyes on creative writing. found out creative writing was sharing a room with comm2 and hum1. which meant the room was another virtual hell, minus the flames.
... even tried to get an elective in the college of education. got scared, went back to AS, where the creative writing enlistment was.

10:30am... lined up for creative writing enlistment.

11am... got myself enlisted... for a certain cw120 class. which i did not know, as of the moment. (found out hours later that i actually took up Intro to Poetry. heavens, save me, i'm no poet.)

12:30pm... lined up for psych 101, since they told me to come back after lunch for more slots. me followed. (like i had any other choice, eh?) was very happy to find that they actually were going to give out the slots according to the first three digits of one's student number...

1:35pm... registration assistants began collecting the id's.

2pm... a lucky bitch gets the first slot, and the first three digits of her student number were 0-0-4.
... the lucky bitch was me. got really embarrassed when everybody else applauded when i stood up. *blush* deep inside, i knew they were cursing me. (fuck you, bitch, fuck you...)
... god is good, all the time. indeed.

2:30pm... went back to CMC to get my assessment.

3:45pm... (note again the time difference?) got my assessment. finally.

4pm... went to the payment center. found out the line extended from the lobby to the edge of the other wing. decided against falling in line this afternoon.


current status: still unpaid. will start the day tomorrow with a P2,200 bill. sheesh.

anyway. it wasn't that bad much. (liars.)

okay, so it was bad. as in reallyyyyyy bad... but then again, *shrug* that's life. this is the University of the Philippines, you know. masochists who choose to study instead of taking a vacation literally sweat and kill for summer classes here.

oh dear. reality hits home. i'm one of them?