May 5, 2003

situation update

well... right now: i'm practically starving, and it's three in the afternoon, and i desperately need a shower. as in desperately. as in the kind of desperation you get after attending a basketball class, but then being forced to put off showering for later because of a 1pm class.

on my mind: the inquirer exam. tomorrow, at 3pm. which would mean i would have to absent myself from tomorrow's psych class... ... and then, there's the poetry workshop tomorrow. jesus christ, i actually turned in a couple of poems. and i suck. i truly do. i suck at poetry. aaaaggghhhh... i suck.

not quite right: it's a monday, and mondays are usually equated with buffy, and buffy is usually equated with excitement, but... but i don't know, there's something wrong, and i'm not feeling anything... (tara died last monday, and it's still eating at me. sort of.)

things to do: i still have three poems to do. THREE POEMS, PEOPLE! where the fuck am i supposed to get THREE poems!? huh?! and then, there's the psych exam this friday. and the term paper due NEXT friday. oh yeah, absolutely, panicking now. as in right freaking now.

in the meantime...: well, i guess, i should be more excited than usual over that buffy episode tonight... hopefully, it's Villains, and it means Willow minus the red hair, and btvs minus Amber. (damn it.)