May 26, 2003

rain, psych exams, basketball games, FHM U.S. June 2003 ishes, among other things

well... first happy thing: PSYCH'S OVER!... this makes me extremely happy. really. i took the last exam this afternoon, and i think that went well... *grin* well, considering that i practically spent my whole weekend trying to cram six chapters... i *should* be cartwheeling right now... ROFL. so, goodbye Psych101! =) it was hell, but i had fuuuuuun!!! =)

second happy thing: RAIN! yes, it has started RAINING! and as much as i am somewhat a very very sunny-type of person (or at least, lately, i've been one...) -- this makes me extreeeemely happy. like... mud on my shoes, and wet pants and soaked umbrellas in the corridors, and jackets! =) happiness.

third happy thing: the FHM June 2003 ish, U.S. oh yes, it's a buffy tribute!... i was walking in the mall, and i passed this magazine stall, and i did a double take as in a *double take* when i saw the FHM on display... i was like, waitafuckenminute, that was... and my, it really was a buffy tribute. an FHM Buffy Tribute. i lost 375php that afternoon, just so everybody knows. and for the record, i had a darned hard time accepting the fact that it really was alyson hannigan on the cover... i was thinking, who would've thought?!... now i'm REALLY bent on becoming an FHM model... *sigh*

(and yeah, i really had a hard time concentrating with the psych review because i was like, reaching for the FHM mag every after two minutes of reading Hilgard's Intro to Psych, so go figure.)

basketball games. the bruises are showing up pretty bad, but still, we won the championship, and that makes everything worth it. *grin*

i have five poems due tomorrow, though. and i think i should stop ranting now... jesus.