June 7, 2003

blogging from BORACAY!

oh yes, i'm here, all right. =) attending a cousin's wedding later at five p.m....

left Manila harbor yesterday around 5 p.m.... arrived at Caticlan 14 hours after, around 8 this morning... scary big-boat-to-small-boat transfer (i mean, hello?!?! in the middle of the sea?!?! really really thin gangplank?!?! rope handles??! nah, it was metal, i was just kidding.)

and for the good love of god, my little brother gave me a tan line! oh yes. am i just too thankful i wore spag straps or what?! *grin* my arms would've looked worse if i had sleeves on. i mean, the little kid was this close to yelling, i belong to the sea! i belong to the sea!... *sigh* the waves were kinda scary, so i was left without not much of a choice but be there as well. not that i didn't like that part. *grin*

sand. i've never seen sand this good. or maybe i'm just not your typical beach person. yes, perhaps.

i'm going back tomorrow morning... argh. boat ride too long, airplane tickets too expensive.

anyway. i'm in an internet cafe that charges 60-fucken-pesos per hour. i'm this desperate to blog in boracay.

just sharing.