Aug. 1, 2003

status quo

it gets tiring, the rationalization of things, the talking. it gets tiring. the thinking, the wanting to explain.

so i stop. right here, i stop.

no more thinking why you're like that, i'm like this, we're like this. no more thinking why we do the things we do, why you do the things you do (at 8 in the freaking morning when your class isn't due 1130), why i do the things i do. no more explanations.

let's just get into this. i give, you give, and when it starts hurting again, you know what to do. i know what to do.

but just so you know. i kinda loved the way you showed up this morning with the cd. kind of. it was cute and awkward and altogether sweet, for the lack of a better term.

and i don't want to explain it anymore. not even to myself.

no boxes. we let the status quo define itself.