Oct. 15, 2003


just a little bit more, just one more exam and i'm fucken DONE! yeah!

so far... my grades have been pretty cooperative this semester... well, not as high as my previous attempts - but really, not that i care.

as far as i am concerned, i have been very blessed this semester. things may have looked a bit better before, acad-wise... well, true, but i wouldn't trade in my life as it is now for anything else.

wouldn't have done it any other way, to quote meredith brookes.

so yeah. very very very goddamned happy. but rather nervous as, you know, the exam tomorrow draws near...

i have no fucken idea how the exam would go. and it's worth 50%. i mean, hello?! to be honest, i really enjoyed this class, but... yeah, i haven't learned that much.

some things my classes this semester proved:

1) journ 121 - proved that hell exists, but yeah, at least it's over.

2) comm res 101 - proved that you could get what you deserve. most of the time. (i mean i got a wonderful thesis partner, a silver pen, free pictures and a 1.5 - good lord, things do fall into place.

3) pol sci 14 - proved that it really pays to read the reading materials. and that philippine politics really sucks. BIG TIME.

4) journ 152 - proved you need not be sane to come up with a decent press conference. (well, but then again, perhaps the fact that we were dealing with DUGONGS was a factor... hmmm.)

5) film 102 - proved that some classes are just not worth taking granted that you're not a film major.

6) comm 141 - oh well. exam tomorrow. proved that i could be attracted to older men. *grin*