Oct. 31, 2004

registered voter, 2004

god, am i glad it's over.

it was.. everything my nightmares are made of. really now. horrible bureaucracy, blech. i abhor it. and the people weren't even nice. =( sad.

we arrived at the city hall around 7 that morning. thank goodness my other aunt and her husband, who also needed to register himself, were already there since 6. and the line was already soooo goddamned long. at 7 in the morning.

so yeah. we stayed in line until around 9... and then when my turn came, they were like, "hey, you still lack a few papers, etc etc"

(eh puta kasalanan ko bang walang address ang kaisa-isang ID na meron ako?! labo.)

so yun. police clearance until 11, got my number 1130... i was number.. 546.

before they closed for lunch, they served number 280.

jesus christ.

but yeah. that one's over, and the details are too goddamned annoying to relive, even in my mind. agh. all that stress. that heat. that standing way too long in line. that waiting.

yes, i hated that part the most - the waiting. ugh. and don't ask why. (though i doubt anyone reading this post would, you know, dare ask - you'd probably know why, won't you? *wink*)

thank god i brought isabel allende with me.

but whew. all's well now. registered voter for 2004..

(tapos pagdating ng 2004, ang choices - GMA, Lacson, FPJ. my goodness. all that falling in line for nothing...)