Nov. 30, 2003

my brother's in love!


*stops typing, laughs hard until she's wheezing...*

anyway (sir teodoro style) --

yep, that's the news for this weekend. my brother is in love. he has... *insert drumroll please* a crush... some girl from his class named Angelique..

my seven-year-old brother, meddling with romance. the thought sends all sorts of signals up and down my spine, my CNS (central nervous system)'s screaming *confused now!*...

it's a mixture of *yay, my bro's not gay!* and *ick my bro's in love?! creepy!*

his proud announcement went, naunahan ko kayo! may crush na ako!... or at least, that's how auntie told me it went.

krista and i were like, has he told you na? has he told you na???

true enough i got my version of the story this morning over breakfast.


kate: so, ano ibig sabihin ng crush?
wylo: malapit na maging girlfriend.
kate: so hindi mo pa girlfriend?
wylo: hindi pa, malapit pa lang...


kate: so, ano pinagkaiba ng crush sa girlfriend?
wylo: ang girlfriend, malapit na sa asawa.
kate: aside from that?
wylo: siyempre, mas marami na ang pag-ibig (oh yes, that was the term!) kapag girlfriend...
kate: (thinks: i'm hearing this from a seven-year-old!?) ahh... so mas marami rin ang pag-ibig kapag asawa na?
wylo: (matter-of-factly) shempre.


kate: eh anong pinagkaiba ng girlfriend sa friend? (hihirit pa eh no!)
wylo: ang girlfriend siyempre love mo.
kate: ay hindi mo love ang friends mo??
wylo: ang friends, mahalaga lang. (oh my god, ang genius ng kapatid ko!!!!!)
kate: (thinks: ouch ouch ouch...) so ang girlfriend hindi mahalaga? wawa naman sha...
wylo: eh friend mo rin naman ang girlfriend eh... so mahalaga rin siya.


hay. so simple. it's all so simple.

when did everything get so complicated huh? i must have blinked.