Apr. 15, 2004


and so internship mode begins.

will get PDI assignments on monday. right now, i'm slacking. hehehe. why do you think am i online at this moment, huh? *grin*

finally, got the ujp semplanning over and done with. hheehhe. that was easier than i thought. especially with more than half the org attending (gooooo UJP!). i love these people.


speaking of love. i shall never write poetry ever again! my f*[email protected]%$ professor gave me a fucken 2.25 for that. so, okay, i get the point - opo, hindi na po ako tutula! *bow* oh yes, this time i mean it! (i think i also said this after taking CW120, which is Poetry I, or poetry writing in English...)

NO MORE POETRY FOR ME! i've had enough! (not that there are any more poetry electives left to take, anyway...) but yeah. point said here. ok.

speaking of electives.

so many electives, so little time! had i known a bit earlier (and really, had i been a little un-scared of having too much reading materials to go over) that CL classes only needed Hum 1 as a prereq... i would've taken CL as my minor. really. so much interesting stuff. and i am so taking literature and gender. i really am.

anyway. i'm such a dork. and would somebody please tell me why i was invited by a "Certified G.C. ako" as a friend in Friendster? ROFL. okay, i get the point.

on other news. i am still in love with sir teodoro - cause he gave me a 1.5 for j103, which is opinion writing. *cartwheels* hehehe. hayyyy. di bale, bawi rin pala lahat ng pagdurugo ko hehehehe lintek na sea mishaps yan. *grin*

hayyy. fourth year anniversary nga pala ng ajss2000 nung april12, monday. punyeta. apat na taon! wooohooo! eh mas na-attach nga ata ako sa kanila kaysa high school batch ko eh! hhehehe... :) wala lang, mention ko lang.