July 4, 2004

family history

reunited with the parental units this weekend - fetched krista from pisay yesterday afternoon, god, I was home for less than 24 hours. Jetsetters much, yes.

Anyway. Had a brief family history talk with my aunts - heheh, something about being in a funeral recently. Remember, my uncle - one of my mother's first-degree cousins - died recently of dengue. He was buried last Wednesday, and my aunt was there for the last night of the wake and the funeral itself.

This afternoon, somewhere along EDSA, my aunts revealed one of the more interesting facts in our family history - that my uncle's widow was actually an ex of my only lesbian aunt.

Now that was weird, since… you know, all my life, all three funerals (my grandma's in 94, my mom's in 97 and recently, my grandpa's in 2002), I was like… there, and I saw them, and I didn't have a clue they had history together. I mean. Hello. I knew that aunt of mine - another first degree cousin of my mom's - was lesbian and all, but it didn't occur to my that one of my uncles actually married one of her exes.

What was weirder was the actual flow of conversation this afternoon inside the car with my two aunts, my sister and my youngest cousin, all females. Apparently, since I've been out of coverage area for quite a long time now, having skipped several weekends, my other aunt - mark's mother - has started disturbing me again with the eternal boyfriend question.

Oh yes, the damned question is back - "Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?"

Which made me laugh out loud really hard - catching my sister's eye at the rear-view mirror too. Coughing violently, I just said, guys didn't interest me, that's all.

Well, not really un-true, is it? *grin* of course, my aunt-surrogate-mom knows what I've been up to these past few months (turning a year now, actually, on the 23rd) and she was already slightly hinting she'd tell my other aunt, but knowing this other aunt of mine, the chances of her fainting with news of my slightly different lifestyle recently is… well, fairly high.

So. yeah. I don't have a boyfriend, and my aunt is getting insecure. Apparently, she's silent everytime their group in their communitry talk about the boyfriends of their daughters or nieces - hello, nothing to talk about. Unless. Of course. She wants to talk about *that*.

I don't know, I just didn't feel like telling her, or arguing so much, or possibly defending my side of the world, or something. For some reason, I didn't feel so up to it.

Then, they brought up that thing with my aunts, and it was like - hmmm. History *has* a creepy way of daring to repeat itself, huh.

God. How creepy is that, dishing out exes to either mark or brent? *shudder*