Aug. 4, 2004

sex and writing goodness

oh the joys of this wednesday class...


oh god, indulge me, i haven't been told i could write, and write well, and write sex as a sacrament of something else (i didn't know what that meant, but what the hell), moreso, write sex in a poetic manner - hello, i took TWO poetry classes, both english and filipino, and i get this it's-kinda-poetic-comment in a sex and writing class???

this kinda makes my day. *cartwheels*

sigh. may kabutihan din palang maidudulot ang aking pagkaadik sa buffy. whehehhee. my prof told "the author" (since i was under pseudonym - ahe, not anymore, huh) the piece could be fixed a little and then set out for publishing. *jaw drops, a little, di pwedeng ma-obvious, not in class*

omg. i just wrote something publishable? whatdapak, god loves me. :) anyway. sobrang saya ko. hahaha. :D mukha akong tanga, sheiet. (or, ika nga ng mga irish, SHITE)

and. it. wasn't. EXPLICIT. but my prof liked the restraint. or maybe it was just her bias - kung susuwertehin nga naman, nagsubmit ako ng isang tara/oz piece sa isang prof na 1) nanonood ng buffy at 2) favorite characters si tara at oz. wheeeee. chamba, but wheeeeee. :D

hay. ang saya saya ko. :D