Oct. 6, 2004

funny how, really

the waaah!-ngarag-ako edition

sitting here, stuck in this room for a whole day, reading about the fiscal crisis is simply no fun. *pouts*

agh. kailangan ko pala ng blue book para sa PI 100 exam ko bukas. mental note to self.

* * *

would you tell me how it is logically permissible to miss somebody even after spending 14 hours straight together just yesterday?

god. too much of you in a positive way, yeah.

* * *

you know what? this fiscal crisis paper is scary. eeek. (and i quote: "No magic bullet here.")

* * *

random question: saan kaya kinuha ni sir rye yung mga tanong sa STS exam kahapon? *frown* why do some people have this penchant for giving irrelevant pointers for review? =(