Oct. 24, 2004


we did it!

oh god. did i just have a *legitimate* vacation, for once?

yes i did.

*grins evilly* mwahhahahaha... we did it, folks! we've gone to puerto galera and back! *wheee*cartwheels*YEOW!*

*grimaces in pain*

yes, ladies and gentlemen, i sprained my ankle on the beach. that was really stupid. now my left ankle (my un-sprained ankle, undamaged from all that violence, este, basketball, huhuhu..) is swollen... can't walk much, actually.

ganyan talaga siguro - mas mabigat, mas grabe. huhuhu. =( tatanga-tanga kasi, di natingin. (pero honestly, akala ko talaga sand! shet! boplaks.)

anyway. pictures? will post when un-busy. hehehe =)

tomorrow, i had that meeting with the UST Journ Soc cancelled...sabi ko nga, namamaga na at lahat ang aking kaliwang paa, so di ba, hindi na lang ako lalayas ng bahay...

but NO!

ujpips, kitakits na lang sa Inquirer at mag-reresearch tayo! =) heheheh =)

hay. i'm excited about research. wtf. nasobrahan ng salonpas.