Nov. 2, 2004

the last stretch

todo na talaga ito, mga kapatid.

well, this is it.

the final semester in my life. ever. as an undergrad student, at least. after this semester, i'll be officially old.

i know it's november, but i think this layout's gotta stay a while longer (say, til the twelfth? oh, that's my mother's death anniversary, by the way.) so shoot me. hehehe.

my apologies for the lack of updates. life in domesticity (is that a word?) is boring with a capital F. i mean, what would i write about, my weird affinity for washing dishes? :) i can't explain why i love the task, mates, now's not the time to explain.

i don't know. it felt different this past sembreak, the home scenario - i felt... i don't know, somewhat compelled to run the household side by side with my aunt. i guess it had much to do with the fact that my father wasn't around, he was out on assignment somewhere, i think Cebu or Davao. pilots. tsk. anyway. the past few sembreaks... they were usually about catching up on sleep, etc... but this last one, it was like... hey. same time, next year, for all we know, i'm going to be jobless and doing chores *here*. not that it was a bad idea. just different, i guess. it's not really *me* to be domestic.

anyway. twas fun, spending time with family, as i'm away most of the time buried in schoolwork... something which eventually pays off anyway *grins* (somebody got nice grades this sem, i see..) ... but yeah, as usual, too much time spent with aging aunts eventually turns the conversation into one which features me getting urged into somewhat early marriage.

say that again, marriage. yipes.

once and for all, i must make my stand clear - at this point in life, i think marriage is not for me. at this point in life. people fall in love, dudes, let's not underestimate that possibility, shall we?

anyway. my aunts nudging me into marriage. they talk about growing old alone with nobody to take care of me yadayada, who said anything about me growing old anyway? i plan to 1) earn lots of money quickly, and 2) die early..

god, i'm actually thinking - my life is ending! i'm graduating! my LIFE is ENDING!!! waaah... more or less two decades spent as a STUDENT, now ENDING!!!! (panicky, am i not?) yep.

finishing this semester means graduating and that, in turn, means my aunts are already expecting me to marry (read: somebody stable, somebody reliable, broad-shouldered, manly, oooh god, that 24 series is brainwashing my aunts! it is! it's EVIL! *ah, but it's also good, i recommend you all watch it.*), since, di ba, no boyfriend til after graduation, oh my, my time's up.

my time's up. no more time fooling around. shit.

but first, this semester, my thesis... nuninu...