Dec. 4, 2004

my brother, monsignor

a.k.a. kwentuhang seminarista

scene: si auntie, tinatry kumbinsihin ang kapatid kong pumasok sa san carlos seminary balang araw.

auntie: bakit ayaw mo? ayaw mong matulad kay monsignor?

wylo: ayaw.

auntie: bakit?

wylo: siyempre, alam ko yung mga pumapasok diyan bawal mag-A-S-A-W-A. (yes, he just had to spell that out.)

oh god, my brother's just EIGHT!

* * *

i just watched before sunset - 1 hour and 15 minutes, but i fcken fell in love with it.. got the dvd somewhere, and i was *beyond* ecstatic... though a bit sad i wasn't able to catch the first one... baka hindi na ako nakahinga sa sobrang...


if i could find a guy i could talk to that much, connect with that well...

all throughout the movie they were talking about being disillusioned and numb and stuck in relationships they weren't happy in, but all the while there's this something whispering in my head - this thing i am in right now, it doesn't feel as good and as right and as insane as it had been... as it had felt. and it's disturbing how... there's this one thing, there's this... *one* and now it doesn't feel... mean... quite as much as it used to.

like getting stuck with wires that don't go anywhere, that sort. i just feel... tied. to something. that isn't there anyway.

i told you, i won't be here forever.

* * *

if only to end on a happier note:

my father, the feline specialist

scene: may pusa sa tapat ng gate namin.

wylo: ang laki ng pusa o! *giggles* sarap niya siguro hulihin...

dad: huwag. hindi mo ba alam? mahalaga ang pusa sa buhay natin.


me: bwahahahhaha.... *taob*

minsan talaga, ang adorable ng tatay ko...