Dec. 27, 2004

pre birthday entry

welcome to the twenties*

my plans for tomorrow include getting my student driver's license renewed (about damn time i did, actually) and playing bowling with family in town center. that's about it.

i'm pretty much swearing off spaghetti from the list of things-to-do,-things-to-eat, but then again, i'll never know. hehehe. =)

i'm looking out for that birthday-blues thing, all about being generally down during the day, and stuff, but i do expect to have a blast tomorrow at the lanes. =) and with family, too. on the 29th, off to Raon we go, whee! =) my cousin's on the look out for a cajon - sabi niya, ganun daw spelling eh. ang arte. =)

(at naalala ko yung kay jobert nung cultural night:

jaycee: jobert, hanapan mo kami ng kahon. (for the underground music community performance)

jobert: sige, gaano kalaki at ilan?

karton ng gatas, ang walah. hehehe. peace.)

we almost watched Enteng Kabisote this afternoon - only we didn't, kasi mahaba talaga ang pila. AS IN. i wanted to watch it for old times' sake, half-wondering how Okay Ka Fairy Ko would fare without Charito Solis and Larry Silva (a.k.a. Pipoy).

the kids ended up watching Lastikman instead. we ended up window shopping in CyberZone, the Appliance Center, and the linen section of the department store. twas fun.

< D O R K - T A L K > i *heart* that External Hard Disk Drive - 80 gigs! wheee! Iomega! whee! 7,550php, whoa, though. pero technically, okay na yun. mejo pumapalya na kasi tong computer ko dito sa cavite, kailangan nang mag-back-up, at nahihirapan kaming mag-organize ng buhay in CD's. yun lang. < / E N D - D O R K - T A L K >


the tsunami calamities in Sri Lanka/India/Thailand/Indonesia sadden me to no end =( there really was no warning - the skies could have been so clear, you know. no rains whatsoever.

it's sad, and so many people have already been reported dead, not to mention the millions more who were either injured or displaced from their homes =( when nature strikes, ika nga. nakakalungkot lang talaga.

on other news.

i ought to start compiling my yearend edition, right? after all, 2004 has been one helluva year. *wink*

*bati nung kaibigan ko nung hayskul. pakshet. *grin*