Dec. 28, 2004

the birthday post

to lto, raon and malena

then there comes a time for the birthday post.

i finally got to renew my student driver's license this morning, after two years of letting myself stagnate as an intersection-phobic would-be driver. LTO was at its finest, as usual - lots of people in line, and it was pure chaos. there was a woman there who was fuming mad when i got to be called first up to have my picture taken - she's been in line for an hour already, obviously ahead of me, but then, god knows what happened to her papers. sheesh. too bad, the printing machine went bonkers - all i got was a receipt "also valid as a student license", instead of the one with the picture. hmpf. (the last time i applied for mine, i underwent a considerable amount of stress falling in line and throwing myself into hell, and such - i positively looked like an ex-convict in my picture. blech.)

anyway. we finished before lunch - thanks to, ahem, nice LTO people.

after lunch, we went to raon - or at least, that was the plan. (sabi nga ng tatay ko, wala nang raon! true enough, the street went by another name, G. Puyat, i forgot the first name because it's not Gil. anyway, big deal.) my cousin, mark the musician (haha), bought his cajon and a new guitar. niiice. *grin* i for one am not the musically inclined type, but i do know how to make a G. *grin* ahhh prowess of the musically declined.

to add to the happiness of it all, off the dvd stacks i got Malena (starring the delicious Monica Bellucci, also of Matrix and Passion fame) and Swimming Pool (by Francois Ozon). I also got Eulogy, because it looked nice and gay and the lead character's name is Kate. well, that should be nice. *grin*

Malena was heartwarming, absolutely. i love stories about innocent boys crushing on oh-so-sexy older women - the whole innocent-boy-crush thing was just so adorable! =) and italian's just *the* language, it's fantastic. (this one came from that guy who made Cinema Paradiso... remember Piolo's "Lagarista"? I think it was based from CP. trivia.)

* * *

hmm. i'm twenty. finally. when i was younger, i thought, when i'm twenty and such, i ought to have a six-digit sum in my bank account, a car and a decent place all for myself. (at least, i got the "decent place" part right.) hay. sabagay, akala ko nga we'd be having flying cars with Philippines 2000. i was a very optimistic child, obviously.

to confess, this day was nice - thanks to friendster, more people remembered my birthday this year *thanks to everyone and their text messages, mwah!hugs!* but i was waiting for that one person to greet me.

well, my ex-best friend did. in fact, she was last. i thought after years of not seeing each other, she'd already forgotten exactly when, but when she texted me, she actually said she was trying to call me (CALL ME!) but our phone's not accessible. (damn it, she had the old landline number! SAYANG!)

anyway. so much for wanting to reconnect with an old special friend. sayang. *sigh* maybe i'd call her up one of these days... after i unearth her old number.


god this PC is going bonkers, so i am panic-posting... hehehe :D