Dec. 31, 2004

the new year edition

a.k.a. against all odds, a.k.a. the evils of crashing desktop PCs, among others

my desktop PC here's bonkers. wondering how my life could depend on such... thing. ugh. good thing my sister's laptop's a little more functional, in a not-so-dysfunctional kind of way. grrr. these times, i hate technology. grrr.

anyway. these past few days, i've been:

- reading through my take-home piles of photocopied materials, so much for being part Creative Writing major this semester.

- watching dvds, reliving my childhood (oh god, i'm REGRESSING!) through The Incredibles and that Lion King marathon since this morning. (Love Timon and Pumbaa - not *like*, LUUUUURVE!!! hehehehe... adorable beasts)

- attended a wedding (kahapon - some friend whom my father hadn't seen in FORTY YEARS, his daughter got married to a guy named ASTROBAL. not commenting on the name, no ) in Bulacan. gosh, yung binilhan namin ng paputok sa Brgy Toro, nasunog kaninang umaga! napaka-surreal... =(

right now my brother unearthed three tennis balls somewhere, and he's instructing krista to do a juggling act in the living room. i say, STAY AWAY FROM ME! hehehe.

in the foyer, my poor bird's getting sever shocks because of my neighbor's sons who'd been throwing plaplas in the streets since yesterday evening. my bird's shaking in the cage =( must transfer bird to restroom in the back, asap.

isasalang na yung videoke CD for the night. yeba. banatan na ito.

won't be blogging till i get back in QC - at least my PC there, though it's now EIGHT YEARS OLD, it's still working quite fine. stupid microsoft XP, won't system restore.

must switch to Linux entirely. grrr.

* * *

the death toll for the recent tsunami tragedy - 120,000 na nga ba? pwede raw umabot sa 400,000 in Indonesia alone. =( what a really depressing way to end the year...

* * *

i am RENEWING my new year's resolutions last year (heheh RENEWAL! hindi natupad last year!) - quitting, dieting and being happy. =)

in addition, i resolve to be less... um, territorial and to try harder in everything.

* * *

2004 has been good to me - it's given me new relationships (hi UJP! loveshu all!) and new experiences. thanks.

* * *

2005, i'm ready. let's get it ON!!! =)