Apr. 12, 2005

i'm baaaaaack...

burnt and all, damn i missed this keyboard...

talk about being disconnected from the world for a whole week. agh.

anyway. this entry should have come with pictures and all... but like everything else, (i.e. OTAP!) to follow na lang po at nasa Revo pa ang lahat ng gamit ko, na kasalukuyang binabaybay ang masusukal na kagubatan ng Samar at malamang nakasakay na ng lantsa papuntang Bicol.. if my estimates do not fail me.

anyway, again.

bohol-cebu-leyte were wonderful. teehee. i love this family, we're so... EVERYWHERE! hehe. diaspora ampucha within the visayas. we had relatives from argao in cebu to tapal and ubay in bohol to tacloban and jaro in leyte (sabi ko naman kasi, literally from ALL OVER the place) who welcomed us with open arms and, uh, open bathrooms, faucets and refrigerators. nyahahha. i love filipino hospitality.

panglao was... well, nice. not really boracay-nice, but the sand was perfect for exfoliation. but then again, LOW TIDE. as in. two meters from the shore, you STILL don't have knee-deep water. pagdating ng high tide, well, two meters from the shore, you'd have water barely above the knee. weird.

but the water's just lovely, nevertheless. hence, nasunog ako. nirahuyo ng dagat, anakng. will post pictures for your amusement.

it was like being in the Amazing Race, though there was no Race, so Amazing lang, hehe. there we were - eleven people packed into a dark green Toyota Revo, driving for hours around Bohol. and believe me, there were loooooong stretches of road WITHOUT asphalt. the horrors.

nung minsan, sobrang bumpy nung stretch ng road (na wala ring street lights - hello, Bohol officials...) eh nasa likod ako nung Revo, talagang i was lifted off my seat and i hit the roof (well, what did you expect?) worse, i was SLEEPING. as in nagising ako dahil nauntog ako, tangena, naubos lahat ng expletive sa vocab ko. hahaha. ang nasabi lang ng tatay ko eh, "Sorry." Di rin naatim na pagalitan ako matapos kong mag-unleash ng train of curse words.

in fairness, masakit siya. may bukol pa ako hanggang ngayon heheh.

actually, ang baon ko from last week - as in from bohol, leyte and cebu - eh tan line, bukol at bruises. talk about being accident prone.

yesterday morning, before i flew in from Tacloban in the afternoon, we visited a park. as in a playground, with slides, seesaws, and YES, monkeybars. to be fair, mataas ang monkeybars nila. so sabi ko, teka, titingnan ko muna kung kaya ko to. kasi yung structure ng monkeybars, eh me stairs, tapos me paltform na tutungtungan mo to get to the monkeybars. as in ganun siya kataas.

so good ol me, wanting to see what would happen to me if ever my hands accidentally slip from the bars... well, i jumped off the fucken platform. to be fair, nakita ko naman ang mangyayari sa akin ano, kung nakabitaw man ako. i lost my footing kasi di pantay yung ground, and literally rolled on the grass. thus, a bruise on my left knee. stupid. hehehe. buti na lang nakaitim ako.

auntie: SAYANG! di ko nakunan ng picture! parang stuntman ni Lito Lapid! (or was it Jess? -me thought)

tangena ang tanga tanga talaga. hahaha.

anyway. my hugest success for the past week was actually getting to Cebu alone via plane and getting back to Manila from Tacloban via plane alone as well. sabi nga ni krista, madaya ako kasi hindi talaga ako nag-land trip. (i had to go back immediately for clearance. mahirap na.) the hours i spent sitting in the Revo while driving all over Bohol were torture enough. hindi ko na lang ma-imagine kung gaano pa katorturous yung mula Leyte to Manila noh.

anyway. there will be pictures. and yes, more stories. soon.