Apr. 19, 2005


my orgmate joanne's father died yesterday. i wish i could go and be at the wake on wednesday, but i have to be somewhere else... but my heart goes out to her.

may she find her strength. joanne, i'll be praying for you.

* * *

wala lang. parang sa tabi ng mga ganitong klase ng pamamaalam (nga pala, 40th day na ni limee sa 29...), parang nabababawan ako sa kalungkutang ito.

* * *

and this is what we'd do, now that we've decided to let it go.

we don't look back.

we just don't.

* * *

agh. this isn't going to be pretty.

* * *

and the places and the nights and the movies i slept through anyway and the lunches we shared on the carpet, on the floor, and the songs you used to sing and the ones you won't let me hear, and the things you used to write which i liked but just to be annoying as hell i'd tell you i didn't like them even when deep inside i did and i knew you knew anyway as i was as bad an actress as you were... that's half my college life i'm choosing to put in a box, to put away, to move away from, because it is what the Grand Design calls of me. of us.