June 19, 2005

the girl's probably employed

for all we know

second day-off day definitely a whole lot better, firstly because i did not spend it alone. finally. got around to reuniting with the parental units - after all, hello, father's day - i was quite surprised, i thought dad was in bohol.

but he was here, alrighty. and they made me pick up the tab at pizza hut this afternoon.

wtf? me picking up the tab?

ohwell, the perils of employment. or, as a good friend wrote once: masakit na masarap. *taob*gulong* pahiram lang, dude.

i found it nice. actually. i mean, what better way to celebrate my dad's first father's day, post-retirement, but with this, the phenomenon that is his almost-minimum-waged eldest picking up the tab on a family dinner?


on other news.

i remember how i used to fret over the fact that the credit card people in malls asked everybody else except ME if they were interested in credit cards.

well, i think i got my first proposal this afternoon - to consider i was really dressed down. i guess they really do have a way of figuring out if one was hiding an employment status somewhere.

or perhaps i just looked like a poster girl for stress tabs.

still on other news.

fete dela musique, the second time around, was a total riot. harhar. people everywhere, not to mention almost getting crushed against a palm tree during the jr kilat performance. oh christ. not to mention, going in almost corporate attire. straight from work, what can i say, it was so... hot. christ. haha. go me.

and. bayang barrios. jesus christ, can i say sensual?

and a red fringe dress i would definitely remember for the next few years, c/o the lead singer of brownbeat all stars. loved it, but heck i wouldn't wear it. :) *baka matuluyan ang martial law* >> haha.

by the way. auntie finally agreed to swap cellphones with me. therefore, my 3310 is on its way to bohol, and i'm now holding a 6610. i think. it's nice actually. way smaller, and armed with FM. i likey, i thankful, bow.

my brother has a new haircut. and really smart classmates. haha. highest section daw o. hahaha. the wonders of elementary hierarchies.

(ASIDE: i wanta "hello garci" tone!) i remember bunye mentioning "bloggers" in particular when he pleaded to "those who are not directly involved" in gma-related issues to stop fanning intrigues.

while i must say that as bloggers we must be responsible enough not to pass on unverified information as sure and true, i believe that we do reserve the right to raise issues in our respective blogs and spark discussions as well. i mean, this is my blog, and this is my country. i have a right to express myself in my own space. thanks.

and so in general, this day was good. dayoffs are always nice when spent with the right people. :)

* * *


you and me, we keep on leaving pieces of ourselves, so we'd always have the excuses we need whenever we need to see each other again. i don't know if that's good, but this afternoon, you returned my shoes but left with my jacket; returned my pen, but left a good book behind. so i guess i'll be seeing more of you, and you'll be seeing more of me, and i guess i can always move on some other day.