June 26, 2005

and now, with creepy dreams of marriage

wtf had i been thinking about last night, anyway?

oh yes. now i start dreaming about postponing weddings.

it was a pretty organized plot, if you know what i'm saying - relative, of course, to my usual dreams. apparently, in my dream i had announced getting married a month after graduation. which, i would later find out to my horror, everybody else believed, and which was, for me, just a bluff.

and so the bloody day came, and i was thinking nobody had taken it seriously, even my parents - from whom i heard none of the you're-getting-married-soon talk.

but voila! (had to just use that term haha) on the bloody day everybody came in gowns and with wine and all those gifts, and it was very creepy. everybody thought i was getting married! how the fuck to tell them i was without groom? let alone tell them i wasn't exactly looking for a groom right then?

so i did tell them. that i was just kidding about getting married, christ. everybody fucken believed i could find a groom in a month, it's astouding how dreams make the silliest premise sound very plausible.

i was like, "hello? i'm 20, i've just graduated, do you really think i'm the kind of girl who'd marry early?"

and so everybody just sort of... agreed. Then, partied. and i went home with gifts of pretty pink lamp shades. which ironically made me happy. (i guess that was the moment i realized, okay, this is a dream. i'm happy with pink lamp shades! this has got to be a dream!)

i think it had something to do with tom cruise and katie holmes. or somebody proposing marriage over email. yeah, i guess that was it.