July 4, 2005

not your ordinary kikay moment

break muna from political rantage

it took me a few days to finally get to this blog entry. i actually have an entry titled "kwarto", which i wrote last week in my old-school journal, but for some reason, i felt it still lacked something.

so yesterday, i got myself a haircut. haircuts are sacred, not really because i love my hair, but more because i am generally cautious (if not altogether apprehensive) of change. but yesterday, i pretty much decided it was time i cut my hair. and then dye it a shade of brown. (which was what i did a few years back when i first entered college. interestingly.)

but this is not your usual kikay moment.

you see, last week, when the parental units came to visit, i finally got around to re-arranging our room. Much much more spacious now, and despite the fact that the bunk's now facing the comfort room door, something tells me this is going to bring us more good luck than bad. The whole exercise reminded me so much of sugarfree's "kwarto" song. it has a line which goes: magpapaalam na sa yo ang aking kwarto.

it's funny how everytime i'm tempted to give in and go out of my way just to see her again, that one line flashes in my head, and i suddenly am stronger. now i'm actually getting better at staying away and saying no to myself and my whims.

and then the dayoff after i got myself a haircut. i guess that's the natural flow of things - paste old receipts into old-school journal, re-arrange room, get haircut. it's a way of forgetting, mostly. i hate the way everything i do has something symbolic to do with you, but i'm expecting this will pass. i guess i just have to go through this, once and for all.

i expect that if things don't capsize by her birthday, which is coming real soon -- that this setup will be sort of final. it's sad, but it's the way to go.

magpapaalam na sa yo ang aking kwarto.

excuse me now, while i marry my job.