Nov. 26, 2005

growing up

naiyak ako sa youngblood article today.


Those memories littered with laughter, cigarette butts, and alcohol? You know when you reminisce that it's not about being sentimental. It's wondering how you got here. You see how national issues can affect you. And sometimes you wonder whether making a stand during the Edsa People Power II revolt was a good idea, considering the replacement, who is demanding that you get off the streets when it was the streets that put her in power. Ironic, isn't it?

You look back at the decisions you've made. And then you steel yourself, zip your bags and book a flight. You say your goodbyes, slowly and tenderly. You have dinner with your friends. You talk about books, film festivals and those DVDs in Manila's Quiapo area that you'll miss, and you plan the next "inuman." You relive all the good things that made this country bearable for you.

the guy who wrote it, chris daniel loza (plus points for you in google, pare, hehe), graduated last march from admu.

timely how just last night, the jowas and i ate dinner right in the middle of sunken garden -- only to find out there's already a 10 p.m. curfew as long as the infamous picnic ground is concerned. we were like, wtf?! even for adults?!... hay. and to think curfew was such an alien word. lalo na sa min ni jaycee hehehe.

i mean, whatever happened to disastrous football matches at 11 p.m.? or simply staring at the stars while lying on hoarded editions of the collegian (haha)? or getting drunk on pepsi blue or lambanog in the lagoon? (haha) or sitting down sa me edge and smoking while waiting for the last Katipunan-bound jeep, singing like drunk women who lost in mah jong hahaha... oh all those sordid sawi love songs addressed to anonymous men (and well, yeah). hehe good times. good times... *shakes head*

nung sinabi ko sa kapatid ko, ang sabi lang niya: "Talaga? Di ko alam." hayy. she doesn't know what she's missing. i guess it's better that way na lang.

lokohan nga namin ni jaycee, hala, pano na sa fair? *grin*

back to the youngblood article. naalala ko dati me usapan kaming ganyan nina ice, something about studying abroad. hay. i said i wanted to try it, parang new life? i think it was almi na humirit ng, "gusto mo ng new life na wala kami?"... oo nga no. meron rin pala akong iiwan kung sakaling gustuhin ko mang lumabas ng bansa para mag-aral. akala ko kasi dati wala naman.

wala lang. na-strike lang ako nung sobrang pagka-swak ng article na ito. na-capture niya how it is to be our age. (yes, i do remember times when text was still free) how it was to have P10 and be somewhat "financially capable". hehee. i think that struck me the most.

but what if there comes a time when one of us has decided to fly out of this country finally: whether to chase a dream or to run away from a nightmare, i really wouldn't know which. maybe a bit of both. but what happens then?

would we also have dinner at 9 and sit down in starbucks to have coffee until 2 a.m. the night before her flight? would we also talk about all those movies we will miss and the dinners and coffee nights we will not be having for a long time? would i finally come around to writing a long letter again? (sabi nga ng teacher ko nung high school, pag tumatanda na, wala nang time para sumulat ng letter)

ayoko na lang isipin.

though i think i just did.

* * *

edit: today marks my sixth month at work. wow. the funny thing about time is that it does fly.

* * *

to end on a somewhat light note, our feature song for the night is from DJ Alvaro.

ang tipo kong lalake... mejo babae. (winner! *taob*)


maginoo... pero puro noo.

hay. it felt good to laugh like we're still in college. pictures to follow. hehehe. :)