Dec. 26, 2005

'tis the season to rub it in

(a.k.a. the my aunts drive me crazy with my singlehood post)

but before that: found this here:

"... If Heath Ledger has attracted so much attention for his performance in "Brokeback Mountain" it's partly because he has finally made good on his early overhyped promise and partly because his character in Ang Lee's romantic tragedy, Ennis Del Mar, represents a kind of impacted masculinity that a lot of us recognize: I don't know a single straight woman who hasn't been involved with a man as emotionally thwarted as Ennis, the man who can't tell you how he feels because he may not honestly know. And because the film is, in many respects, about how difficult it is to live in a culture that punishes men who give the appearance of being too soft, too weak and too feminine, I imagine that a lot of men, gay and straight, recognize Ennis, too.

Unlike Ennis, Jake Gyllenhaal's doe-eyed Jack Twist wears desire as openly as pain. Without his sensitive performance, without his ache and yearning, "Brokeback Mountain" wouldn't work half as well as it does. The beauty of the performance is fully evident in the scene in which the older Jack remembers when Ennis gently wrapped his arms around him during the men's first summer together. It's a devastating moment both because it juxtaposes the men's idyllic past with their difficult present, and because it reminds us of how memories live inside us as promises, rebukes and ghosts. When the scene returns to the present, you see in this man's face a lifetime of hope blur together with a lifetime of disappointment, as well as the beginning of the lovers' end."


when's this showing?

* * *


aunt 1: etong asa tabi natin, nag-asawa na ata yung panganay. di ba ka-edad mo yun kate?

me: (wryly) si dennis? mas matanda sa kin yun ng ilang taon. yung ka-edad ko yung sumunod.

auntie: a wala pang asawa nun si ayie.

aunt 1: etong atin na lang talaga ang nahuhuli. wala pang pinakikilala, wala pang inuuwing boyfriend tuwing pasko...

me: *rolls eyes at auntie* don't get me started.

auntie: *rolls eyes back knowingly*

aunt 1: (from hereon, known as "aunt oblivious") grabe, magsasayaw talaga ako sa kalye...

hahaha. sige lang.

* * *

attended a reunion of sorts on christmas day, my father's relatives. i specify because admittedly, i only know very few of my father's relatives. the closest ones involve his first cousins and their kids our age. and they were nowhere in this particular reunion. different tree branch, i figured.

anyway. wala lang. parang... ang sarap lang isipin, in theory: everybody, including gfs and bfs in the family reunion? one particularly good-looking guy cousin had a particularly good-looking girlfriend in tow. really. and they were helping out in placing food on the table, policing the little children, refilling wine glasses of the elders, and it was all... well. nice.

krista: ano, ate? 5 years?

i honestly can't promise that.

emo: and somewhere in the middle of my ribcage, there's a slight twitch: is she having the normal kind of christmas she's always wanted with him and her family now?

well. probably.