Dec. 31, 2005

goodbye, 2005

whew. was that the longest year or what?

well, 2005 was definitely a year for big changes (graduation, employment), travel (bora, bohol!), goodbyes (yes), victories (OHYES) and some difficult lessons in money and budgeting. (hehe.)

has 2005 been good to me? wellllll.. let's just say i hope 2006 would be much much... gentler? hehe.

wow. that felt a lot longer than 12 months. looking back, i couldn't really believe how everything: from graduation to not quite letting go to letting new people in can all occur within that span of time.

* * *

for this year, i am most thankful for... my rediscovered (revived, resurrected, etc) relationship with my sister, who is just the funniest person on the planet. teehee. =) hoy, magdala ka ng bumbilya at bagong tuwalya pagbalik mo sa lunes. haha.

the biggest jump this year would definitely be... from college to employment. hands down. no more long vacations! hello single-day weekends! perfect example: today is new year's eve, and i'm here at work, blogging. hahaha. and i'll be here tomorrow, on the first day of the new year, starting my year right... at work. hehe.

this year, i tried saying goodbye to... well. 2005 meant a lot of attempts at last goodbyes *coughs* -- goodbyes to old habits. goodbyes to old schedules, old routines. mandatory goodbyes to relationships.

well, at first i tried saying goodbye to my social life, but then i easily got back together with it (hehe) thanks to friends who chose to stay and make our relationship work, even after UP (♥ ice, bebi, cy -- my angels, shempre special mention)

as usual, i also tried quitting this year, but well. hehe. at least i went for a little over a couple of weeks. achievement na yun no.

no attempts at dieting have been made this year, only attempts at incorporating the gym into my lifestyle -- and that did not work. ahehe.

i regret most in 2005... not writing enough. or rather, not having enough time to write. not setting aside enough time to write. i mean, i re-opened my diary in word for this year and it was a meager 29 pages. i mean, hello. yung diary ko nung 2004, 160 pages ata? aru. tamad.

i also regret not watching enough TV. i hate that i let all those interesting shows pass me by -- btvs season 7 (NOOOO!!) desperate housewives, inxs, veronica mars, the oc, grey's anatomy, shet, ANDAMI. hindi talaga kasi ako nanood ng TV in 2005.

best of 2005... moments? siyempre, grad. tas yung day na natapos namin ni julie yung thesis namin, hehehe. =) and then of course, that bora+bohol summer. hayyy. i need a vacation.

the best thing that i'd never do again in 2006... no getting silly drunk this year, so heheh go me! um... well. i always say that you're the best thing i'd never do again insertfollowingyearhere, but then that never happens anyway. so.

there are things i'll miss most about 2005... haha yung sked ko before i graduated. my old cell phone number. the old 8250 i lost in bora with my old number. (cries) the friends i used to see all the time. i think that, mostly. and, oh, my weekends. heh.

but also, things that i look forward to in 2006... cultivating new relationships at work, mostly. and having a more organized domestic setting sa maginhawa, haha. sana by next year we'll have a ref na and a tv. hehe. well.

2006 is the year i will learn to cook, manage my money and put on make up. itaga niyo sa bato.

happy new year everyone!

want a piece of me, 2006? bring it on.