Jan. 1, 2006

start the year right. blog.

i know, maybe just *half-right*, seeing that i have yet to do a new layout. hay. oh well. it's coming! will cook it up tonight. teehee.

and so. let me greet 2006 with a proper handshake. *shakes* welcome, 2006, and do feel free to *try* and get a piece of me every now and then. haha.

anyway. yeah, early at work, blah. to think 8 a.m. na ako nagising kanina sa bahay sa cavite. not really bad.

(aside: the new year team finished really early -- a little over 6 p.m. hehehe and definitely wayyy below the 7:01 time to beat. hahaha. nakakaaliw talaga tong mga to, magkaroon ba ng competition na pa-agahan ng sarado ng pahina???)

anyway. spent most of new year night with beer and videoke and gloria gaynor. hah. not really that bad. :) though i had this slight feeling that the neighbors were planning to blast our gates off their hinges by throwing firecrackers at them. as if that could make me shut up. heh. didn't work. :)

hay. sana may magbukas na na tindahan. wala kasi akong kanin na baon.

so, anong new year's resolutions natin? ako, ire-re-enact ko na lang siguro yung last year. (haha, ano yan, budget ng kongreso??)

this year, i will:

♥ write in my diary more often. (must.)
♥ try to watch more tv. (ano ba? resolution??)
♥ learn how to cook
♥ learn makeup theory (haha)
♥ cut down on the cigarettes (sige na nga.)
♥ go out more with friends
♥ read more books
♥ back up mp3s in cds (can be done in next few weeks hehe)


♥ not get upset over people, but instead be poised and cool ice-queen (from bridget jones) -- YES!

there are other things. which i will remember later. hehe.