Jan. 7, 2006

starting over

the concept of starting over is important for everybody -- i read that in a new york times article reposted by one of my sister's friends. i can only wonder how it would be more miserable if the calendar system had not been invented and instead of having months that end in either 28, 30 or 31, we would count the days in endless progression from one number to the next. although really, that's what we do -- take it one day at a time -- the thought that we could turn a page in our calendar after a number of days, or dispose of a calendar after a number of months, however cyclical, is comforting. though generally, i am saddened that some things do come to an end, i look at this year with my chin up. 2005 may have ended -- and along with it, a lot of things -- but 2006 holds a lot of promise: the greatest being the opportunity to start over, and start over well.

this is me starting over.