Jan. 14, 2006

breaking my silence

nais ko lamang i-share ang makagunaw-mundong text message galing kay mamu na gumising sa akin ngayong umaga.

"omg. you're pregnant daw? sheeet... bakit di mo sinabi? pananagutan ba yan ni brad? basta. dito lang kami for you, mare..."

first thing off the top of my newly awakened head: Ha? Buntis Ako? Ano to, wrong send? At sino si Brad?

. . .


hahahahaha. shet.

* * *

okay. fantasies of being angelina jolie aside. mehn. nalungkot talaga ako sa balita. wala lang. i get sad because of the strangest things lately, but this pretty much lays the hardest blow this week. god. how many pregnancy announcements can i take, right?

and of all people, si angelina pa! shet. *sigh*

of course, i still wonder about jennifer aniston. i mean, imagine this: she was married to brad pitt for 4 and a half years! they filed for divorce last october -- count it, that's just 3 months ago -- citing "irreconcilable differences". and then, he's just having a child with another woman, just like that?

of course, brad denied that angelina, his co-star in the movie "Mr and Mrs Smith" (which i missed, damn) was at least a factor in this split. but then, come january (dyaraaaan!) angelina announces she's pregnant and it's brad's, i mean, who were they kidding?!

krista and i agreed on these, over dinner:

1) it's bad enough you split up with your gorgeous husband; worse, he's brad pitt.

2) it's bad enough your newly estranged husband gets another woman pregnant; worse, it's a really gorgeous woman; worst, it's angelina jolie; worsteeeest ever, you've been married 4 and a half years but you never had a child.

hands down, mehn, that's just... shit, sakit.

* * *

god, i hope i can be even half as strong as jennifer aniston is. i really, really do.