Jan. 20, 2006


hmm. the couldhavebeens have their own way of killing us. just like introspection (hehe) sabi nga ni e.m. griffin.

i don't have a particular couldhavebeen in mind right now -- i had a shot and i took it, held nothing back and lost. they say all is fair in love and war. however, i could attest to the fact that it sucks coming right after one in line, if you know what i mean.

these things, people, events that go right under the "possible but didn't materialize for one reason or another" column are simply so difficult to compete with: since they didn't happen, they also didn't have the opportunity to disappoint, and for me, that opportunity is crucial. some stay enamored with the idea of something, and not the thing itself, simply because there was no way to get further than that. most of the time, that's all there is: the idea of something which you can't have. anybody who has loved from afar (or has longed for a dream job but never quite came close, for that matter) can attest to this.

sometimes, however, i think it's better to just stay enamored with the idea of something, rather than be disappointed.

do you have a could have been?