Feb. 2, 2006

dream girl

it's funny. i haven't even met this girl -- now, she's doing cameos in my dreams.

i woke this morning with a jolt. rubbing my eyes lazily, i thought, "what the fuck was that all about?" weird. my dreams were usually full of people i already knew from real life. where did this girl fly in from anyway?

let's see. a few weeks ago, i started visiting this girl's online journal. nothing generally special about her writing style, or even the events of her life as featured in her space -- from what i gathered, she is in her early twenties and currently working for a network. technically, nothing too fancy -- not a poetess, not a lead singer, not an independent filmmaker (kelangan lang talaga isingit?), not an mtv vj.

not that she needs all that to hook me. because, apparently, i am. could not explain. i don't even like ukay that much, but she's just so refreshing.

wondered further about how i had been able to at least have an image of her in my head. she felt (i don't really 'see' in my dreams. tactile much?)... soft. i remember having shaken her hand. if she were a color, she'd be bright purple. but she wasn't, you know, purple-skinned in my dream. i just felt purple would've suited her. we were standing in line in a japanese restaurant, waiting for sushi. mmm. even my dreams are culinary reductionist. hehe.

i think i told her i read her journal. i think she smiled back.