Mar. 26, 2006

a boy named chuck

i’ll always remember chuck, not as that bald guy with a breathtaking bod (although most of you probably will hehe), but as that gentleman housemate who took me to the up fair in 2003... and who also asked me for “anything that produced fire” one random afternoon. (hehe.)

i met him in 2001, as that other guy who was to live next door. apparently, living in the up visayas guest house had its own perks – pretty much like a dorm, only smaller, and hell yes, co-ed.

i moved out in 2004, following the announcement of good ol' manang that the management was planning to house up visayas faculty exclusively. he, however, moved out earlier, to move in with his brother when he himself entered up (kind of forgot when – 2002?)

he was perfect – he was polite, a perfect gentleman and a pretty good conversationalist, with intelligence and wit i found rarely in guys (sorry). he ate healthily, exercised daily very early in the morning (one time he asked me not to drain my yakisoba near his exercise bench haha), plus he brought home the nicest food pasalubong (hello, chocolate cakes from figaro!) for everybody to share. not to mention he had a voice. a really mean, bra-unstrapping (sorry for the image) jesuschrist heavenly good singing voice.

and then one night, while taking summer classes in 2003, it happened.

chuck comes by for a visit and tells us... about another boy.


and so the other guy was a physical therapist from ust. all of a sudden, chuck was going all poetic about being a “lover of creation”.

this was around april or may 2003 (timeline check!) -- which probably explains why i wasn’t really that crushed.

earlier that year, he took me to the up fair for a “date” of the him-and-me-only variety. we ended up trying food from several stalls (of course, i spent *nil*), sitting on the grass listening to bands. he was wearing this gorgeous black body hugger of a shirt, and i… well, i looked like basura (haha kailangan tagalog for effect) but no matter.

and we rode the octopus! haha. i had a silly fear of heights – and it was good excuse to hold onto him. all in all, it was fun. he was so… safe to be with.

when we got down from the ride, i began telling him about a girl.

so technically, it was me who came up with a surprise first.


i haven’t heard much from him after our summer of 2003 conversation about that physical therapist guy. i do remember though bumping into him with jaycee in december that year, on eng’g night. apparently he was already with a new guy, a much older man who had a condo unit in greenhills.

as for me, well, 2003 was a year for stormy relations of the same sex kind.

i’ll always remember him fondly, i guess. in fact, he’s one of the guys on my infamous 9/11 list – remember this list? of the 11 guys i had crushed on while in up, 9 of them were gay, chuck being one of them. as of the moment though, i still have 4 gay guys unaccounted for. hah, nakalimutan mga pangalan ng walah.

anyway. i heard he’s taking his application to this prestigious singing org in up quite seriously. which i think is really good. the world deserves to hear him sing. hehe.

oh, why remember? today’s the 26th. it’s his birthday.

pare, wherever you are -- you owe me. *wink*