Apr. 6, 2006


because cy took her birthday leave today, my shift was from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I arrived here at home earlier than usual -- which was good, BECAUSE it turns out i have a ton (quite literally) of laundry backlog of the underwear and socks kind. hay lazy girl, tsk.

and so tonight, i'm more than happy to report my productivity: i have washed and hung the socks, soaked in downy dark colored underwear, cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes and...

coded my april 2006 layout. *claps for self* i thank you, bow.

* * *

on other news. they have started that men-women segregation scheme in the mrt. dunno if it's good or bad, though, but generally ride's been smooth since the april 1 implementation. the up side is that, well, no guy competition in the first cab. the down side of that is, well, there's a lot of girl competition (and you know how that is, hehe.) another up side is the increased chances of riding with pretty girls. *grin* the down side--totally decimated chances of riding with pretty boys. *pouts*

howell, me and my issues.

anyhoo. ako lang ba to: mejo alangan akong magpaupo ng buntis--what if di pala siya buntis, edi nabigwasan ako.

hoping na hindi ako nag-iisa sa dilemmang ito.