Apr. 16, 2006

holy week update

well, there goes my longest office-sanctioned vacation for the year. heh. whoever thought of not having newspapers on good friday and black saturday should also start working on lobbying for two days off for members of the editorial division? that would be nifty, yes? *eyebrowwiggle*

anyway. this holy week update, unfortunately, does not come with pictures. but it should. in fact i would have another one, devoted solely to pictures. hehe. right. so those past few days were spent mostly with family, in los baņos and under some decent amount of water. in a tankini. but no, i don't have a tan, because i swam mostly at night, and besides, there wasn't really much reason to stroll along the poolside under the sun. (read: lack of 'moving sceneries' a.k.a. gorgeous people of any sexual denomination, quoting my cousin mark, with whom i drank at least 2 and a half liters of red horse. on good friday. yes.)

this holy week update would look better with pictures, i swear.

so we came back from l.b. friday late afternoon, and by 8 p.m. i was *dead*. my period came *right after* i decided to stop swimming that morning, and thus i had to spend the rest of the afternoon out of the water and in front of either a billiards table or the videoke.

speaking of videoke. the place we stayed in, back in l.b., had a freaking bar with a stage for videoke and i must say, that was the best performance of total eclipse of the heart in like, FOREVER. my sister and i stalled traffic along a national road! and all i had to do was sing "Turn around" and my sister would turn and sing the rest despite being dizzy hahahaha it was a blast. plus, i had a mic stand. we definitely rocked.

and then i spent the whole of black saturday transcribing our haribon interview on tuesday. which was so long i only finished a few hours ago. oh camiguin, must i only know about your endemic species and never step on your beautiful beach EVER in this lifetime? (sighhhhh)

anyway. relax time is up, time to go back to this fieldiana zoology reading. tell me again why i nearly flunked high school bio.