Apr. 27, 2006

dreams in which i die

last night i dreamt about being shot in the chest. i had confronted a man running amok with a gun, and he shot me, in the chest. there was blood all over, and the doctors told me i was to die by the end of the day, if i was strong enough to last that long.

so i sent a mass text to everyone saying, 'i'm dying, and my remains will be in this hospital.' -- i forgot which.

and nobody was replying. my father was out of coverage area, and all auntie said was, "okay, will send you money." wtf? money for my own treatment and operation?

sabi nga ng kapatid ko, "ano ba yan ate, nahulog ka lang sa stairs (ng kfc-kahapon-long story) yan na mga napapanaginipan mo."

hay siguro nga.


lately i've been thinking a lot about having a long-term, stable relationship for a change. maybe all these dying-alone-jitters are part of this introspection. blah.