May 1, 2006

time flies fast.

last night, i finally got around to writing mark's letter of appeal -- yes, that's right, he just got a letter of dismissal from bene college. tangna. now i had to do the appeal letter addressed to the dean, and imagine writing like his mom would, and use words like "tutelage" and "plethora" in a single document.

yikes. i sure hope that floats.

* * *

bad news: hiniram ni auntie nung weekend ang sex and lucia dvd na nakakalat sa bahay.

good news: binalik na niya kagabi.

crazy news:

krista: ano, auntie, natapos mo? si ate kasi hindi raw niya matapos-tapos yun dahil puro sex scene.

auntie: ay, hindi nga. hindi ko kasi maintindihan, iba ang lenggwahe!

krista: (stumped) auntie, hindi mo in-on yung SUBTITLES?!?

* * *

if ever you come around to texting my old 0921 number by mistake, don't be surprised if somebody replies.

my brother now has that phone.

aba, matapos niyang tanggihan yung luma kong cellphone na yun, biglang pagtitiyagaan rin pala?!

auntie: di ko nga alam kung naaalala niyang humindi na siya dati. ipapaalala ko nga.


* * *

krista and i went jogging this morning ♥

it just occurred to me, how much physical activity (no smirking, i'm serious) i want to be involved in right now: i want to go back to basketball training, get into lawn tennis with my sister (ahaha dana is ♥) because that's what she's doing for PE this summer, swim for a greater bod (talaga lang), get into boxing for anger management (which i think i need to do soon), go back to the gym and lift some weights, yada yada yada.

haha seems like my days are so short for all these things i want to do. :) hmmm. probably to compensate for the one physical activity i haven't been getting any of recently?

haha tangina.