May 10, 2006

long distance relationships, etc

me: alam mo kung ano bad trip?

krista: ano?

me: yung hindi gumaganang escalator sa mrt quezon ave.

krista: oo nga, bad trip nga yun.

me: pero alam mo ba mas bad trip?

krista: ano?

me: yung tipong nakaakyat ka na sa sirang escalator tapos biglang pinaandar.

krista: (tawa, tawa)

me: pero ang pinakabadtrip sa lahat. (pause) yung nakasakay ka na tas biglang huminto sa gitna.

krista: (tawa, tawa, must be thinking, malas naman nito.)

me: all of which has happened to me.

* * *

i swear, if we ever think about installing a camera somewhere in our room so we could tape what we do and say every single night, maybe we could pose as a rather decent alternative to pbb.

me: krista, krista, (flashes humongous white rock obtained from puerto galera in 2004) DING! ANG BATO!


* * *

minsan talaga nanghihinayang ako na hindi ako magaling magdrowing. haha.

* * *

uy massive update ito. (dahil 10-6 ako today, wala pang requests [nope, hindi po ako DJ, wishkolangdiba, researcher po ako] at well, wala pa rin ang mga bossing kaya yay)

the other half of the family -- dad, auntie and wy -- are in davao right now. to attend not one, but two weddings.

unfair. they go have a vacation, while the workaholic half of the family, a.k.a. krista and me, stay in qc to study and overwork and wallow in our tv-less existence.

* * *

you know you have a long-distance relationship with your nine-year-old brother when:

1) you wake up to text messages from him that read: "good morning, hope you have a non-stressful day."


2) you go home to find your almost 18-year-old sister logged on some pokemon website, saying, "teka, teka, hinihintay ko si wylo dito sa [insert name of pokemon city here] city. tinawagan ako kanina, mag-o-online raw siya."

hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o malulungkot.